Is There Mail on Veterans Day?

USPS delivers mail and packages to every single house in the United States. USPS always tries to deliver its mail on time. Many businesses in the United States rely on its services. So, most of the people want to know the status of mail delivery on Veterans Day so that they could plan their schedule according to the delivery status. Relying on the delivery by USPS may affect their businesses. That’s why it’s important to know that do these people get their mail on Veterans Day, or is there mail on veterans day?

Let’s find out:

Does Mail Run on Veterans Day?

No, mail doesn’t run on Veterans Day. This day is considered a federal holiday. All the post offices will be closed on this day. This year, Veterans Day is on Monday, 11 November. USPS does not deliver any mail or package on Veterans Day. Apart from Veterans Day, there are a lot of holidays this year for USPS and its customers.

We have listed below the holidays of USPS so that you can plan your shipment according to these holidays:

1.January – 1 TuesdayNew Year’s Day
2.January – 21MondayMartin Luther King Jr. Birthday
3.February – 18MondayWashington’s Birthday *
4.May – 27MondayMemorial Day
5.July – 4ThursdayIndependence Day
6.September – 2MondayLabor Day
7.October – 14MondayColumbus Day
8.November – 11MondayVeterans’ Day *
9.November – 28ThursdayThanksgiving Day
10.December – 25WednesdayChristmas Day
11.January-1, 2020WednesdayNew Year’s Day

These are the observed holidays of the United States Postal Service in the USA. Mail and packages don’t run on these days (except Priority Mail Express packages).

Does UPS Deliver on Veterans Day?

Yes, UPS delivers on Veterans Day. Veterans Day is not considered as holiday by USPS. So, you can place your shipment or expect the delivery of your package on this day. Unlike USPS, Veterans Day is a working day for UPS. All the offices will be open on this day. United Parcel Service is a big name when we talk about package delivery. A high number of people prefer UPS over USPS because it delivers packages faster than USPS. Of course, this company charges a higher fee than USPS for that.

In short, we can say that UPS delivers packages on Veterans Day.

Now, let’s find out does the FedEx run on Veterans Day:

Does FedEx Deliver on Veterans Day?

Yes, FedEx delivers on Veterans Day. On Veterans Day, you can expect the delivery of your packages by FedEx. The packages will come to your doorstep on this day. If you want to send a package to your relatives or friends, you can choose FedEx. Just like UPS, Veterans Day is not an observed holiday for FedEx. There are other holidays for FedEx and its customers. You can find the list of holidays by FedEx below:

1.April-21SundayEaster Sunday
2.May-26SundaySunday Before Memorial Day
3.May-27MondayMemorial Day
4.July-4ThursdayIndependence Day
5.September-1SundaySunday Before Labor Day
6.September-2MondayLabor Day
7.November-28ThursdayThanksgiving Day
8.December-25WednesdayChristmas Day
9.January-1, 2020WednesdayNew Year's Day

These are the days when FedEx doesn’t deliver packages through standard services. Although you can choose its special services to get your mail delivered any day of the week, 365 days.


Conclusion: The conclusion is that the USPS will not deliver any mail or packages on Veterans Day, 11 November 2019. You can choose the services of FedEx or UPS to send your package to your relatives and friends. Both will remain open on this day.

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