Is There Mail Delivery on Easter Monday, 2020?

Easter Monday or you can call it Ball Monday is on 13th April in the year 2020. Easter Monday is not considered as a holiday everywhere, but in some places, it is celebrated and considered as a holiday. The day after Easter Sunday is Easter Monday. Easter Sunday is one of the biggest days in the Christian calendar, and Easter Monday is the last day of celebration before the work starts.

Here, we’ll talk about the post offices on Easter Monday. We’ll answer the two main questions, 1. Is there mail delivery on Easter Monday, 2. Is the post office open on Easter Monday?

You can find your answer here in-short:

Question Answer
Does the Mail Run on Easter Monday Yes
Are Post Offices Open on Easter Monday Yes

Now, you can read the detailed information on the same:

Is There Mail on Easter Monday?

Yes, there is mail on Easter Monday and all the posts on Easter Monday are delivered within the promised time. If you are expecting your post on Easter Monday, then the mailman will deliver it since this day is not included in the list of USPS 2020 holidays.

The United States Postal Service released the list that includes all the holidays and non-working days of 2020. You can see the list below. USPS does not deliver only on those holidays (except Priority Mail Express items).

Is The Post Office Open on Easter Monday?

post office on easter mondayYes, the post office is open and work on Easter Monday. As this is not a holiday, the office hours remain the same as the previous working days. The schedule and the working hours of USPS remain precisely the same as all other regular days. You can visit your nearest post office for any reason, and any work of yours since all the U.S. post offices are open on Easter Monday, 13th April.

There are a few days that are observed as a holiday in 2020. Easter Monday is not one of those holidays. So, all the post offices will open on this day, as mentioned earlier. If you have any critical package to deliver on any of the holidays listed below, then you should send your package through Priority Mail Express service as it is the only service that runs 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

These are the post office holidays in 2020:

Sr. No. DateWeek DayHoliday
1January – 1WednesdayNew Year’s Day
2January – 20MondayMartin Luther King Jr. Birthday
3February – 17MondayWashington’s Birthday
4May – 25MondayMemorial Day
5July – 4SaturdayIndependence Day*
6September – 7MondayLabor Day
7October – 12MondayColumbus Day
8November – 11WednesdayVeterans’ Day
9November – 26ThursdayThanksgiving Day
10December – 25FridayChristmas Day
11January – 1, 2021FridayNew Year’s Day


The United States Postal Service delivers mail on Easter Monday, and all the U.S. Post offices will open on this day. The mailman will deliver mail and packages to your location. Still, if you are unsure about the delivery on this day, then send your package through Priority Mail Express service.

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